IES Cotes Baixes

IES Cotes Baixes High School from Alcoi has a long history that comes back from the first law concerning Vocational Training studies back in the 50s. Later, with the extension of the law of the year 1970, the school stops depending on the Industrial Engineering School from Alcoy to become a centre with full capacity for self-management, and it offers specialties of Delineation, Textile, Administrative, Automotive and Electricity.
From the school year 92/93 we started to offer 3rd year Secondary Education till we gradually got to the new 2nd year of Pre-university studies. The introduction of the new Vocational training studies was somewhat slower.
The centre is located in the district of Alcoy and El Comtat. Alcoy is located 54 km. from the capital city of the province (Alicante) and 110 km. from the capital of the Region (Valencia). The town has over 60,000 inhabitants.
Traditionally the textile industry has been the primary source of wealth of Alcoy. The crisis in the textile sector has joined the virtual disappearance of the traditional paper and metallurgical industries, and now the city is in full restructuring. In recent years the number of workers affiliated to the Social Security has been dramatically reduced, and it has been noticeable the reduction of jobs in traditional sectors of the city, either by closure or by the transfer of companies to other nearby towns.
The School is located in the industrial estate of Cotes Baixes, in the neighborhood of the North Area of the city. It is the most populous district of Alcoy, with 17,462 inhabitants, 27.46% of the city population. Its population is mainly working class; it is also an area with considerable immigration. This is a socially, culturally and economically disadvantaged area.
IES COTES BAIXES of Alcoi is a public centre of the Ministry of Education of the Valencian Regional Government on is coursing mandatory Secondary education (ESO), and non-mandatory secondary education, the PQPI, the High School cycles and VET higher degrees of LOE. The centre has approximately 1000 students, half of them in Secondary Education (ESO) and High School cycles; and the other half in VET programmes. In the last years, the number of students in Secondary Education is growing.