The Isis Facchinetti belongs to the State Education School System. It was founded in 1954 by a group of local entrepreneurs who needed skilled workers and technicians to employ in their textile factories. The first two courses to be set up were the weavers’ and chemical dyers’, followed by the knitting course.
Our school is now divided into two branches: Technical High School and Vocational High School. The Technical High School is made up by different courses: IT, Electronics, Mechatronics, Chemistry, Surveyors , Fashion System which has been established by the Ministry of Education and has replaced the previously existing textile courses .The Vocational High School is made up by two main courses: Mechanics and Machine Tools and Automation.
Our students are aware of the fact that new competences have to be developed in order to meet the ever changing industry needs; they master PC programs, work in the labs and are able to cover complex industrial processes. During their internships they are able to improve their competences related to their specific course of study. They also take part in the different events and activities promoted by the different agencies and institutions in our territory.